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Module / Receiver - GPS, GSM, BT, Glonass
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BLUETOOTH 4.0LE single and dual Module

Bluetooth v4.0 Low Energy specifies two types (single mode and dual mode) of implementation. Single mode chips implement the low energy specification and consume a fraction of the power of classic Bluetooth to allow the short-range wireless standard to extend to coin cell battery applications. Single mode BLE is not backwards compatible with previous Bluetooth standards.
Dual mode chips combine low energy with the power of classic Bluetooth and to become a defacto feature in new Bluetooth enabled cellular phones and computers. Dual mode BLE is backwards compatible but targeted to gateway products.
EBM-A20 is product from CSR's single mode BLE solution. CSR µEnergy enables ultra low-power connectivity and basic data transfer for applications previously limited by the power consumption, size constraints and complexity of other wireless standards. The CSR µEnergy platform provides everything required to create a Bluetooth low energy product with RF, baseband, MCU, qualified Bluetooth v4.0 stack and customer application running on a single IC.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy available with CSR1010 QFN
  • Bluetooth v4.0 specification
  • Single mode Bluetooth low energy
  • 7.5dBm Bluetooth low energy maximum TX output power
  • -92.5dBm Bluetooth low energy RX sensitivity
  • Support for Bluetooth v4.0 specification host stack including: ATT, GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP
  • RSSI monitoring for proximity applications
  • <600nA ultra low consumption in dormant mode
  • Integrated 32kHz and 16MHz crystal or system clock
  • Switch-mode power supply
  • Programmable general purpose PIO controller
  • 10-bit ADC
  • 11 digital PIOs
  • 3 analogue AIOs
  • UART
  • 512KB EEPROM
  • 3 PWM modules
  • Wake-up interrupt
  • 64KB RAM and 64KB ROM
  • Watchdog timer
  • Dimensions:
    EBM-A20A: 11.75 mm x 14.0 mm x 2.5 mm
    EBM-A20B with printed antenna: 16.0 mm x 14.0 mm x 2.5 mm
    EBM-A20C with chip antenna: 16.0 mm x 14.0 mm x 2.5 mm
  • Storage temperature range: -40ºC ~ +85ºC
  • Operating temperature range: -30ºC ~ +85ºC
  • Manufactured in conformance with RoHS
SPK-EBM-A20 (972 KB)