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Brief History

1987 Sep. S.P.K was founded in Sept. 1987 by Mr. Bor Chung Chang. Prior to SPK, Chairman B. C. Chang was one of the founders and the board director of QUARTEK Technology Co., Ltd., then the largest manufacturer of Quartz Crystals in Taiwan. QUARTEK was established in 1976 and renamed QUARTECH Electronics after company re-organization in 1987. The staff of S.P.K. mostly came from business and engineering department of QUARTEK Technology Co., Ltd,. Most employees have at least 10 years of sales experience.
1987 Dec. S.P.K. Electronics Co., Ltd. made strategic investment in QUARTECH Electronics Co., Ltd.
1988 Mar. SPK and QUARTECH announced joint venture and that SPK is QUARTECH's "Sole Agency".
1989 Jun. The company commenced distribution of Watch Crystals and other High Precision Crystal products from Japan's CITIZEN Watch Co., Ltd.
1990 May The company was awarded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Board of Foreign Trade as Importer and Exporter of the year for 1989
1990 Jun. The company signed agreement with Japan's FUJI CERAMIC Co., Ltd., for SPK's exclusive agency right in Taiwan to sell and distribute FUJI's ceramic resonators.
1990 Aug. The company finalized negotiation with Japan's SEHO SWITCH CORP. on the sales of the tactile switches in Taiwan and began carrying SEHO's products.
1991 Jun. SPK was awarded once again by the Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs as Iimporter and Exporter of the year for 1990.
1991 Dec. SPK made investment in TOPAZ INDUSTRIES INC., Silicon Valley, U.S.A. making the company's operation multinational.
1992 Mar. Finalized negotiation with Japan's SHOEI and FUJISAWA on the sales of the Chip Tantalum Capacitors and Chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in Taiwan territory.
1992 Jun. It was again awarded by Board of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs as Importer and Exporter of the year for 1991.
1992 Jun. SPK finalized negotiation with AOI Corp. on the sales of condenser microphones in the Taiwan territory.
1993 Jun. SPK's management reached final agreement to set up an office in Nanjing, China and make the office an exhibition center for the company's products. The office began normal operation in Dec. 1993.
1994 Jun. SPK was again awarded by Board of Foreign Trade as Importer and Exporter of the year for 1993.
1996 Jun. SPK was recognized in Board of Foreign Trade's industrial revered publication, "Directory Of Excellent Taiwan Exporters And Importers."
1996   SPK introduced new GPS products with excellent results.
1997 Oct. SPK purchased its new office, almost, 662m2 and located conveniently at the center of Taipei city. The company relocated to this new venue in Jan 1998.
1999   SPK appoints its new President, Ms Tina Lin.
1999   SPK upgraded its computer system and streamline its operations to enhance service efficiency.
1999~2000   Under worldwide shortage of Chip. Tantalum Capacitor, SPK entered into strategic alliance with an OEM factory in China and was able to maintain normal delivery of the part to its customers worldwide. Furthermore, SPK began carrying world recognized brands such as Panasonic, Kemet, Spraque, Aux, Samsung, Daewoo, NEC and Matsuo.
2001 May SPK signed agreement with Fortune Semiconductor Corporation for Agency right on the sales of Analog IC.
2001   SPK formally signed agreement with Korean and Taiwan manufacturers for the right to distribute their GPS (Global Positioning System), Antenna( GPS receiver/ engine board ) and other GPS related products.
2003 Oct. SPK signed Distribution Agreement with SARANTEL Inc., who's develops and manufactures miniature new generation ceramic antennas. The company's patented PowerHelix? technology, offer the benefits of small size, exceptional beamwidth and low Near Field-Geohelix antenna and Smart Antenna. They are used with portable GPS receivers in mobile phone, handheld GPS, Automotive GPS , and Wi-Fi and more products.
2005   SPK became the only Distribution of UK SARANTEL world patented Geohelix GPS Radio antenna in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong
2007   Sarantel Announces GeoHelixR–P3 (SL1300) Passive GPS Antenna for Mobile Phones and Tightly integrated GPS Devices.
2008   Sarantel comments on antenna design.
2010   Sarantel New Product Seminar Hold by S.P.K. Electronics Co. Ltd. on 21st JAN. 2010 in HYATT.
2011   SPK becomes the agent of Seiko Epson for Taiwan market.
2013   SPK becomes the only Distributor of (US) JDGA GPS & Cellular antennas for Taiwan/China/Hong Kong
2013   SPK becomes the only Distributor of Fibocom WCDMA/GSM Module for Taiwan market
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