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Oscillator characteristics
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Oscillator characteristics


The following technical terms are generally used for crystal clock oscillators.
  • Nominal frequency: Nominal output frequency of a crystal oscillator
  • Frequency stability: Deviation from the nominal output frequency including the frequency deviations due to manufacturing process, temperature, power source variation and load variation
  • Operating temperature range: Temperature range satisfying the output frequency stability and output signal characteristics specifications.
  • Absolute maximum rating: Maximum rated value assuring the normal operation of a crystal oscillator. Exceeding this value may result in the decrease in the reliability of a crystal oscillator or cause it to be broken. It is never allowed to exceed this value even if just once.
  • Stand-by function: External digital signals perform the function of making a control so as to allow the oscillation signals to be outputted or prevent the oscillation output.
  • Dual Output function: Allows the simultaneous output of the initial oscillation frequency and the initial oscillation frequency times (1/2)n (n: 1 to 8, positive interger)(Only the model 1129 and the model 1329 are capable of performing this function.)
  • Power consumption: Current flowing from the power source terminals during the oscillation of a crystal unit (Source voltage: 5V)
  • Rise time: Time interval from "L" level to "H" level of the output waveform. Refer to the output waveform for each type.
  • Fall time: Time interval from "H" level to "L" level of the output waveform. Refer to the output waveform of each type.
  • Fanout: Number of IC gates which can be connected to the output terminal of a crystal oscillator
The crystal products require different handling from other electric components. Special attention should be paid to the following:
  • Crack caused by bending the lead
    The lead terminals are hermetically sealed by glass. If bent at the root of the terminals, a crack may occur and decrease quality due to insufficient air tightness.
  • Resistance to dropping
    These models are designed to be impactproof so that no damage occurs when dropped a height three times. However, if dropped from a desk etc., it is advisable to check their performance or contact us to check it.
  • Electrostatic protection
    These models employ C-MOS Ics for the active element. Please use them in static-free environments.
  • High temperature
    Normal operation cannot be guaranteed for these models at +125℃ (for 24 hours). Be sure that the units are kept within the specified temperature range.
  • Storage period for solderability
    The lead terminals are solder plated if stored for a long time, the solder may oxidize and reduce performance. It is advisable to avoid storing it form more than 6 months without assembling.
  • EMI
    The unit is contained in a hermetic metal package and is provided with a case earth to prevent electromagnetic interference. Careful attention should be paid to electromagnetic interference if it is used for a set. Among surface mounting type, we recommend 1600L series, 2500L series which are EMI Consider design. Please contact us concerning measures to be taken against electromagneic interference for a set.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
    Basically, ultrasonic cleaning of a crystal oscillator is possible. But a crystal wafer may be broken depending upon mounting or cleaning conditions. Contact us prior to use.
  • Others
    In case of special cases, contact us.