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GPS Marine Antenna

SPK-3GANT-001 (824~960MHz, 1710~2170 MHz )

3G Antenna (30*5*5 mm)

  1. SCOPE
    This specification covers the dielectric antenna for 824~960MHz, 1710~2170 MHz application.
  2. Name of the product
    This product is named "Dielectric Antenna".
  3. Electrical characteristics
    Electrical characteristics of antenna
    The antenna has the electrical characteristics given in Table 1 under the SPK standard installation conditions shown in the figure of Evaluation Board.
SPK-4GANT-001 (859 KB)
Parameter Specification
Working Frequency 824~960 MHz,1710~2170 MHz
Dimension 30×5×5 mm
VSWR 3 max (depends on the special environment)
Polarization Linear
Impedance 50 Ω
Operating Temperature -40~85℃
Termination Ag (Environmentally-Friendly Pb Free)
Efficiency (%) 824~960 MHz 55
1710~2170 MHz 60
  • Evaluation board size 40X120 mm
  • Actual Electrical value will depend on customer ground plane size