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Is your SPK-C2000 AVL provide GPRS GSM
Can you provide GPS-2000 without GSM unit. We also have demand for only tracking unit without any Communication mean. Data is pulled out by PDA or Laptop. Is this possible?
How do you support these devices when they brake? Swap?
How do we programm the units.
Can we use GSM data to download all information from the internal memory of the unit?
Can we connect Carcit
Can we add extensions to any I/O like panic button
Is there any output possible on the unit? which is programmable
Can we connect PDA to SPK-C2000 AVL
Are you able to capture the km's driven by the vehicle.
What is the type of GSM you use inside the SPK-C2000 AVL
Please provide Circuit Diagram or Engineering testing report for approval for approval from government.
There is a telephone Jack in the module which says down load. This jack is not in present in the bocx. So what is it used for and where to get it?
Can you please let me know if it is possible That SPK can develop a GSM data stack where we can download the internal RAM by GSM data.
Do you have any possibility on this unit to read or measure the KM's driven on the unit?
I see in the installation drawing that you have an extra connection for the ignition. Is the unit capturing the event of starting and stopping an engine? If yes where in the bit mask can we see this?
for SPK-C2000 AVL. The data is downloaded by SMS. But only I wanted to know if SPK was able to develop a GSM data driver where the RAM is downloaded by wireless communication over GSM data. What would be the extra cost for this?
Please explain the meaning of the data shown in SPK-C2000 AVL.
when the device acquires the GSM signal then what is the status > of the light/LED When GSM signal is received the GSM led will blink every 4 second.
When the device acquires GPS signal then what is the status of the light/LED