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5G Dielectric filters are expected to adopt new technologies

The Application and Market Outlook of 5G Dielectric Filter
Filters are the core components of Base Station's Radio Frequency System. The working principle is to pass specific frequencies in the transmitting and receiving bands, and to attenuate other frequencies. The metal cavity filters are widely used in the 3G and 4G applications, but they will be replaced by dielectric filters (the main products of SPK) in the 5G applications.
The filters used in base station include the metal cavity filters and dielectric filters. Compared with the 4G market dominated by metal cavity filters, 5G filters are expected to adopt new technologies and will be able to achieve miniaturized compact size. Here are some advantages of dielectric filters:

  • Miniaturized compact size (more suitable to 5G MIMO technology)
  • Low insertion loss, high attenuation (great frequency selection)
  • Low power consumption
  • High temperature stability
  • Competitive advantages

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