SPK Product

SPK Oscillator unit
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Frequency : 1~175mhz Half SIZE(8pin)

SPK-OSC-8pin Half Size (DIP)

Frequency : 1~175mhz Half SIZE(8pin)

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MODEL 8 Pin Half Size SPK-221 SPK-211
Frequency Range 0.5~110MHz 0.5~125MHZ
Frequency stability ±25 , ±50 ,±100ppm
Operating temp. range 0ºC ~ +70º C
Consumer current 15mA max: 1-21.9MHZ 10mA max : 1-21.9MHZ
30mA max:22-49.9MHZ 20mA max : 22-49.9MHZ
40mA max:50-70.0MHZ 25mA max : 50-70.0MHZ
60mA max : 70-79.9MHZ 35mA max :70-79.9MHZ
70mA max :80-110MHZ 45mA max : 80-125MHZ
Supply voltage 5V±10% 3.3V±10%
Rise & fall time 10ns max : F<=40MHZ 10ns max : F<= 40MHZ
6ns max: F> 40MHZ
(at 10%-90% Vdd)
6ns max : F> 40MHZ
(at 0.4-2.4 VDC)
Frequency Stability +/-25ppm ~ +/-100ppm
Storage temperature -50℃ to 100℃
Aging +/-5ppm per year max
Output H-Level VOH+0.9V min VOH, 2.4V min
L-Level VOL 0.1V MAX VOL, 0.4V MAX
Fan out CMOS TTL
Summetry 45-55% AT 50% Vdd 40-60% at +1.4V
F<= 50MHZ
40-60% AT 50% Vdd
F> 50MHZ
All specifications Subject to change without notice.