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Quartz crystal SMD DIP Cylinder
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Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork SPK-26SM-COVER REEL (Bend Lead)

32.768KHZ 2X6 COVER-REEL (Bend Lead)

Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork SPK-26SM-COVER REEL (Bend Lead)

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PARMETERS SPK-26SM (cover-reel)
Mode of Vibration +2° X-cut,Fundamental
Nominal frequency F 32768Hz
Load Capacitance CL 12.5 PF Typical
Frequency Tolerance at 25℃ ± 20 ppm
Series Resistance Rr 40 KW Max
Quality Factor Q 40K Min
Turnover Temperature To 25 ℃± 5℃
Temperature Coefficient K -0.035 ppm/℃ Typical
Operation Temperature -10 ℃~ +60℃
Shunt Capacitance Co 1.6PF Typical
Aging 1st Year Df/f ± 5 ppm max.
Shock Resistance ± 5 ppm max.
Capacitance Ratio C0/C 520 Typical
Insulation resistance 500MW at DC 100V ± 15V
Drive Level 1 mW
for watch,clock,remote-control,security device,consumer,products and etc.