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u-blox ZED-F9P Cm-level GNSS Smart Antenna

SPK-GR-009 is equipped with high-sensitivity, high precision engine of u-blox ZED-F9P, GNSS multi-band antenna, backup battery in a compact IP67 housing.

Mounted with wide-band antenna, this module supports dual band L1/ L2 GPS/ GLONASS/ BEIDOU/ Galileo/ QZSS satellite systems simultaneously in one design.

This module exhibits fast RTK fix, reliable performance, high update rate for highly dynamic applications and centimeter accuracy in a small and energy-efficient way. It could be served as either an RTK rover or a base.

This all-in-one smart antenna allows just plug and play, fast time to market with outstanding performance.
SPK-GR-009 (266 KB)