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Module / Receiver - GPS, GSM, BT, Glonass
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SPK-GPSSM-072 Smart antenna


u-blox 7 GNSS Smart Antenna

  1. Overview
    SPK-GPSSM-072 is a thin, compact, low-power, ultra-high performance, easy to use GNSS smart antenna module designed with u-blox’s latest 7th generation single chip. This feature rich GPS module not only shortens the design efforts but also provides powerful functions. The compact design allows fast adoption and high yield production.
    The power control feature is very convenient to turn on/off power just via GPIO control pin. It’s especially useful to turn off power as the GPS function is not needed in the host applications. SPK-GPSSM-072 supports either GPS/ QZSS or GLONASS. It default works with GPS and QZSS.
  2. Main Features
    Not only handheld but also any other GPS applications can share the following major features of SPK-GPSSM-072.
    • Easy adoption with best performance
    • Built-in 18.2x18.2x4 (mm) patch antenna [Option of 18x18x4 (mm) patch available]
    • Backup power input for faster position fix
    • USB/ UART-TTL interface support
    • Minimum RF and EMI efforts, excellent EMI protection
    • Time pulse support option for timing application
    • Fully implementation of ultra-high performance u-blox7 single chip architecture
    • High tracking sensitivity of -162 dBm/ -148dBm acquisition (GPS)
    • Low power consumption of 40mA for average tracking
    • Hardware power saving control pin option allowing power on/ off GPS via GPIO
    • Windows location sensor support
    • OMA SUPL compliant A-GPS support
    • GNSS support : either GPS/ QZSS (default) or GLONASS
    • Up to 10Hz update rate (default 1Hz)
    • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support
SPK-GPSSM-072 (557 KB)