SPK Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of excellent experience in manufacturing/OEM/ODM. SPK is the Agent of Seiko Epson for frequency controlled products such as quartz crystal , Oscillator , TCXO, VCXO, VCO, OCXO, Saw filters, and resonators and IC. The distributor for GSM/GPRS RF module.SPK products enable in GPS, Bluetooth, Glonass , Beido, DVB-T, TV , GPS/GSM/GPRS/CDMA cellular phone, Wireless, mobile communication field, We are committed to performance enhancement, continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

High Quality Chip Antenna Supplier

Since 1987, SPK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has been a leading provider of personalized chip antenna direct to the consumer. Our work is dedicated to the creation of progress with inspiring, innovative solutions and to a trusting partnership towards our customers and partners with common benefits. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for chip antenna to satisfy our customers' demands.

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Chip Antenna

Chip Antenna Specification List

( Chip Antenna Specification List )

SPK's P/N Size(mm) Center Frequency(MHz) BandWidth(MHz) Peak Gain(dBi) Feeding mode Application
SPK-CHANT31PA02 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 100 5.54 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA04 5.2*2.0*1.2 2450 100 7.4 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT81PA19 8.0*1.0*1.0 2450 180 7.29 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT21PA20 2.0*1.25*0.6 2450 65 2.7 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT21PA21 2.0*1.25*0.95 2450 80 4.16 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT31PA27 3.2*1.6*0.6 2450 100 5.54 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT31PA29 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 80 5.54 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA28 5.0*2.0*1.0 2545 / 5550 100/1000 0.5 / 3.65 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA31 5.0*2.0*1.0 5500 700 4.25   WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT124PA32 12.0*4.0*1.6 915 15 3.42   RFID
SPK-CHANT31PA33 3.2*1.6*1.2 2545 / 5550 100 / 800 2.23/4.05   WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT124PA34 12.0*4.0*1.6 433 10 -1.72 Monopole RFID
SPK-CHANT31PA35 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 100 5.19 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA36 5.2*2.0*1.2 2450 100 4.97 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT124PA37 12.0*4.0*1.6 868 20 2.63   RFID
SPK-CHANT-5020D245M0X 5.02*2.12*1.03 2450 100 3.19 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT-7020L245M0X 7.0*2.0*1.95 2450 170 3.64 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT-3216F245M6X 3.23*1.66*1.23 2450 100 2.41 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee

Smallest Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X0.75mm)

Chip Antenna -SPK-5020-2.4GHZ (FOR BLUETOOTH)

( Smallest Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X0.75mm) )

◆ Features
1.High Gain and Single band
2.Compact size and low profile
4.SMD type
5.Cost effective
6.RoHS compliant

◆ Application
Mobile phone、PND、PDA、Notebook

Smallest Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X1.1mm)


( LTCC Chip Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X2.0mm) )

Microwave multi-layer chip ceramic antenna GPL series are designed to be used in WLAN, Bluetooth, multiple-band mobile phone antenna, GPS, etc and compact size SMD chip design.

◆ Application
Mobile phone、PND、PDA、Notebook

SPK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. starts to use automated production process in order to increase quality and competitive of chip antenna in recent years. SPK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. strives to be the best chip antenna company in the world. We achieve this through technical innovation and automation backed by best in class global business practices. If you'd like to find out how chip antenna can help you, just drop me a line at spk@spkecl.com
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