SPK Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of excellent experience in manufacturing/OEM/ODM. SPK is the Agent of Seiko Epson for frequency controlled products such as quartz crystal , Oscillator , TCXO, VCXO, VCO, OCXO, Saw filters, and resonators and IC. The distributor for GSM/GPRS RF module.SPK products enable in GPS, Bluetooth, Glonass , Beido, DVB-T, TV , GPS/GSM/GPRS/CDMA cellular phone, Wireless, mobile communication field, We are committed to performance enhancement, continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

Combo Antenna for GPS Glonass GSM bluetooth 4G BEIDOU Galileo

Being a quality conscious organization, we maintain high quality standards in our products and policies. The range offered by SPK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. is manufactured using finest quality material that is sourced from vendors of high repute after scouring the market. We develop energy-effective, reasonable price, easy-to operate and durable Antenna- Combo GPS / Glonass /GSM /GPRS/Bluetooth/4G/BeiDou/Galileo antenna that tends to cater to the demands of optimum performance.

Chip Antenna Specification List

Chip Antenna Specification List

SPK's P/N Size(mm) Center Frequency(MHz) BandWidth(MHz) Peak Gain(dBi) Feeding mode Application
SPK-CHANT31PA02 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 100 5.54 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT52PA04 5.2*2.0*1.2 2450 100 7.4 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT81PA19 8.0*1.0*1.0 2450 180 7.29 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT21PA20 2.0*1.25*0.6 2450 65 2.7 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT21PA21 2.0*1.25*0.95 2450 80 4.16 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT31PA27 3.2*1.6*0.6 2450 100 5.54 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT31PA29 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 80 5.54 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT52PA28 5.0*2.0*1.0 2545 / 5550 100/1000 0.5 / 3.65 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT52PA31 5.0*2.0*1.0 5500 700 4.25   WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT124PA32 12.0*4.0*1.6 915 15 3.42   WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT31PA33 3.2*1.6*1.2 2545 / 5550 100 / 800 2.23/4.05   WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT124PA34 12.0*4.0*1.6 433 10 -1.72 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT31PA35 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 100 5.19 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT52PA36 5.2*2.0*1.2 2450 100 4.97 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT124PA37 12.0*4.0*1.6 868 20 2.63   WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT-5020D245M0X 5.02*2.12*1.03 2450 100 3.19 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT-7020L245M0X 7.0*2.0*1.95 2450 170 3.64 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth
SPK-CHANT-3216F245M6X 3.23*1.66*1.23 2450 100 2.41 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth


SiRFstarV GPS Receiver module

SPK-GGGBD-M1514 utilizes SiRFstarV ™ and features Quad-GNSS for tracking GPS, GLONASS, BDS and Galileo satellites.
The product delivers accurate continuous location, advanced power management and high interference immunity.
These continue to push the envelope of performance in sensitivity, TTFF and urban canyon
availability and accuracy. With a built-in DSP and extremely low power consumption, the family can get fast location
fixes for geo-tagging images or videos, asset tracking and wearable applications.


GPS Antenna module

GPS Antenna module (without housing)
GPS Antenna module With Low Noise Amplifier,
GPS Antenna module with or without housing or casing


GPS/ GLONASS Combined Antenna

I. Features:

1. Extra-high Gain 20 dB and Low Noise_0.65dB
2. All Voltage (2.7~3.3 V) can be available in one.
3. Low current consumption (3.6mA)
4. Dual Band(1550~1615 MHz_GPS / GLONASS).
5. Variable connector and cable length are available.
6.2Kv HBM ESD Rrotection(including AI-pin)

II. Applications:

For antenna series used with or in handheld system, Automobile, Recreational, Marine……etc.

III. Part Number:
(1) (2) (3)

(1)SPK-S.P.K. Electornics Co., Ltd.

(2)GGS ANT- GPS Glonass Active antenna

(3) 25-Antenna Size: 25.2X25.2mm


GPS/ GLONASS Como Antenna

Model: SPK-GGSANT-098
• Antenna
• Frequency(MHz):1575/1602
• Center Frequency(MHz):1590
• VSWR:1.5:1
• Bandwidth(MHz):±5
• Impedance (Ω):50
• Polarization:Linear
• Pattern:Omni-Directional
• (ii)LNA/Filter
• LNA Gain (Without cable) :28 dBi Typical
• Noise Figure(dB):1.5
• Filter Out Band Attenuation (f0=1575.42 MHz)
• 7dB Min f0+/-20MHz ;
• 20dB Min f0+/-50MHz;
• 30dB Min f0+/-100MHz
• VSWR <2.0
• DC Voltage(V):2.7 to 5.0
• DC Current(mA):10 Max
• (iii)Mechanical
• Weight(gram)<30
• Antenna Length (mm):62
• Max diameter(mm):14
• Min diameter(mm):10
• Connector:SMA male
• Housing:Black
• (iv)Environmental
• Working Temp:-40℃~+85℃
• Storage Temp:-45℃~+100℃
• Vibration:Sine sweep 1g(0-p)10~50~10Hz each axis
• Humidity:Humidity95%~100%RH
• Weatherproof:100%Waterproof


GPS/ GLONASS Combined Antenna

I. Features:

1. Extra-high Gain 28 dB and Low Noise_1.2dB
2. All Voltage (2.7~5.6 V) can be available in one.
3. Low current consumption (10mA)
4. 2 Band(1572~1610 MHz_GPS / GLONASS).
5. Variable connector and cable length are available.

II. Applications:

For antenna series used with or in handheld system, Automobile, Recreational, Marine……etc.
SPK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. has provided more than Crystal, helping our customers fulfill their orders with accuracy and on-time delivery. If you need any help at choosing the right Antenna-Glonass GPS GSM WIFI BT 4G RFID Beidou Iridium Galileo to match your requirements, we are happy to create a free, detailed system specification and quote tailored to your requirements.