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Chip antenna- RFID GPS Wifi Bluetooth WLAN Zigbee

SPK ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. recognizes our customers have different needs, and we want to help you find the perfect Chip Antenna-Bluetooth GPS Wifi RFID WLAND Zigbee from our wide selection of styles and designs. We believe that an industry standard for 2-Antenna-Glonass GPS GSM WIFI BT 4G RFID Beidou Iridium Galileo must ultimately deliver real, tangible benefits to consumers.

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Chip Antenna

Chip Antenna Specification List

( Chip Antenna Specification List )

SPK's P/N Size(mm) Center Frequency(MHz) BandWidth(MHz) Peak Gain(dBi) Feeding mode Application
SPK-CHANT31PA02 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 100 5.54 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA04 5.2*2.0*1.2 2450 100 7.4 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT81PA19 8.0*1.0*1.0 2450 180 7.29 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT21PA20 2.0*1.25*0.6 2450 65 2.7 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT21PA21 2.0*1.25*0.95 2450 80 4.16 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT31PA27 3.2*1.6*0.6 2450 100 5.54 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT31PA29 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 80 5.54 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA28 5.0*2.0*1.0 2545 / 5550 100/1000 0.5 / 3.65 Loop WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA31 5.0*2.0*1.0 5500 700 4.25   WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT124PA32 12.0*4.0*1.6 915 15 3.42   RFID
SPK-CHANT31PA33 3.2*1.6*1.2 2545 / 5550 100 / 800 2.23/4.05   WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT124PA34 12.0*4.0*1.6 433 10 -1.72 Monopole RFID
SPK-CHANT31PA35 3.2*1.6*1.2 2450 100 5.19 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT52PA36 5.2*2.0*1.2 2450 100 4.97 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT124PA37 12.0*4.0*1.6 868 20 2.63   RFID
SPK-CHANT-5020D245M0X 5.02*2.12*1.03 2450 100 3.19 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT-7020L245M0X 7.0*2.0*1.95 2450 170 3.64 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee
SPK-CHANT-3216F245M6X 3.23*1.66*1.23 2450 100 2.41 Monopole WLAN/ Bluetooth/Zigbee

Smallest Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X0.75mm)

Chip Antenna -SPK-5020-2.4GHZ (FOR BLUETOOTH)

( Smallest Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X0.75mm) )

◆ Features
1.High Gain and Single band
2.Compact size and low profile
4.SMD type
5.Cost effective
6.RoHS compliant

◆ Application
Mobile phone、PND、PDA、Notebook

Smallest Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X1.1mm)


( LTCC Chip Antenna for BLUETOOTH (5.0X2.0X2.0mm) )

Microwave multi-layer chip ceramic antenna GPL series are designed to be used in WLAN, Bluetooth, multiple-band mobile phone antenna, GPS, etc and compact size SMD chip design.

◆ Application
Mobile phone、PND、PDA、Notebook

Our adherence to timely and safe delivery of our fine quality 2-Antenna-Glonass GPS GSM WIFI BT 4G RFID Beidou Iridium Galileo has enabled us to maintain long-lasting relationship with our existing clients. The Chip Antenna-Bluetooth GPS Wifi RFID WLAND Zigbee that we offer maintains unquestionably reliable and fool-proof standards. We provide services to quench the market demand with full competency, thereby treating our customers with complete satisfaction and convenience.
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